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Clay Building

Foundation Art Diploma Work

As my final diploma piece I experimented with heads and masks. My success with the “Disintegration” piece emboldened me to continue with ceramics. I tried many techniques that I continue to use today. I handbuild, make moulds, use slip-casting, and have even succeeded with wheelthrowing. My masks from those early days are still useful reminders of my successes and failures. I include them here for your enjoyment.

Foundation Art Diploma work

Back at The City Lit, London, I was fortunate to study with Robert Cooper. Incredibly encouraging and supportive, and willing to allow us to experiment, I created this piece I have labelled “Disintegration”. It is apt to call it this in two ways. One, it was a gift from the Gods. It was made by covering a rattan globe lampshade with clay and slip. And then it was fired to biscuit. Then I added porcelain slip, sand, dried pulses and glaze at the same time, and it went into a high-fire stoneware, and this is how it turned out.

Secondly, it signifies the disintegration of the mind. It was originally concieved to relate to this, and I was very happy with the result.